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It all started as a post by Sean Nash, on his nashworld blog, complaining about a nasty bit of Mother Goose. It took off at lots of blogs, and now the results of Math Mama's Poetry Challenge are gathered here. Each author has their own page, all listed at the left.

You are welcome to add math poems to this site, by adding a page with your name. If you're not sure about whether it's ok to post the poem here, you can add a link on this page, below. The poetry that belongs here will:
  • celebrate the beauty of math,
  • describe the challenge of math in a positive way,
  • explain a math topic in poetic form, or
  • anything, really, that connects us with math.

[If someone wants to add a list of titles on this page, that would be nice. But it would take more maintaining...]

Strange Attractors Poems of Love and Mathematics, edited by Sarah Glaz and JoAnne Growney
My Dance Is Mathematics, by JoAnne Growney
The Education of T.C. Mits: What modern mathematics means to you, by Lillian R. Lieber, illustrated by Hugh Gray Lieber
Infinity, by Lillian R. Lieber, illustrated by Hugh Gray Lieber

Fibetry is Fibonacci Poetry, invented by Gregory K.
Green Grow the Rushes (on "the metaphysics of one")
Math Poems
Mr. R's Math Poems
Math Liimericks
Math Poems (Discover)