= 24, by John Golden

Two times two times two times three
is the form that most pleases me.
But even more, what I enjoy,
Is that a number’s like a toy.

Words are beautiful and do delight,
But lack in metamorphing might.
Numbers bend and twist and dance –
They transform given half a chance.

Two tens, four ones, a place to start,
Two dozen (doughnuts) in the cart,
Twice around the clock, a day,
Enough eggs to make up six soufflé

Thrice eight; half of 48 feet tall;
4*3*2*1 (factorial);
25-1 will easily multiply.
24*8 would be good to try.

Don’t wait on me, go find your own,
A form of 24 unknown.
Be clever, be brave, be strong, be bold!
For 24, in carats, is pure gold.